Howdy. I am Vanessa, the owner and operator of Moser Manor Farms. Jeff, my better half is lovingly dubbed, The Farmhand, handling everything from construction to customer relations, because he is just prettier to look at. We met through mutual friends in my hometown of San Diego when he served in the US Navy. He was a Nebraska farm boy and a far cry from anything I ever imagined for myself, but nearly twenty years later, here we are, rearing and homeschooling our three children on our small acre farm in beautiful Southeast Tennessee. 

We have a passion for sustainability farming and homesteading. And we want to share it with you. 

Will Allen has been pivotable figure for me and my vision of urban farming. As a nurse, I see the value in prevention in terms of health and want to share our farm with the community, bringing people back to the importance of real foods, like sustainably grown veggies and farm fresh eggs. We have a deep respect for the land we inhabit.  Here on our farm we aim to leave it better than we found it because we realize it is on loan to us from the next generation.

Our nuggets are our mini farmhands. We homeschool our children, integrating our farm as a living, learning environment. Our hope is to inspire a love and respect for the environment. We teach them everything from gardening, beekeeping,  animal husbandry, and cooking from what we produce right here on our farm. They are my only assistants. In fact, in my absence while I am at work, they are solely responsible for farm operations.

We realize the next generation is our future and we aim to be intentional, investing in a counterculture of convenience. By embracing a love for "simpler" times, we hope to make a grassroots change for our children

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