The Animals are Waiting

At just $25 dollars a person, our classes are a great way to expand your comfort zone. To view the schedule click the class/event you are interested in and then select quantity of reservations followed by the day to see available spots.


Have a large group? Contact Moser Manor Farms to book a private class or book an entire class for your group!

Age restricted to ten and above.

We look forward to seeing you!

Before you arrive...

 1. Fill out a waiver for each guest

2. Sign the farm agreement

3. Book your spot

4. Slide on those yoga pants 

Goat Yoga

Do it for the Gram!

The Animals are Waiting

A short 15 minute drive from downtown Chattanooga and you will find yourself on our zen six acre homestead in Hixson. Why yoga with goats, you ask? Because goat cuddles reduce anxiety and depression by increasing oxytocin and dopamine levels, those good ole bonding and feel-good hormones. When you arrive at Moser Manor Farms you will be instantly surrounded by serene, calming pastures. Join us in our outdoor common area on the side of the barn next to the animal pastures where you’ll find your yoga mat waiting for you. I will personally lead your goat yoga experience while the goats frolic for your attention. Our little kids provide quite the distraction, but that’s the point! So if your soul feels compelled to cuddle a goat rather than downward dog, go with the flow. We want you to leave with your soul fulfilled, heart happy, and a smile on your face. You may choose to jump back in at any point and rejoin or not. Shoot! - Take a selfie even. That’s entirely your choice! Just be sure to tag us if you do so we can continue to share the joy of goat yoga with others.

Are you ready? What are you waiting for? Click the link to begin your escape from the hustle and bustle onto our animal therapy adventure!

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