Reach Nirvana with our most populous fauna.

Goat yoga is just what it sounds like! Yoga with goats! This is a gentle flow yoga class designed for everyone. Beginners too! The intent of this class is meant to bring a smile to your face and peace to your spirit. We will welcome you to the mats provided by us, to participate, or not, in a 45 minute session of yoga with me followed by 45 minutes of leisure time with the goats. The goats will roam and socialize with you during class time and do what silly goats do. This is a laid back class and you are free to participate in as much or as little as you want. Just be respectful of your neighbors mat. We encourage you to play with the goats and take as many pictures as you'd like.  So squeeze into those stretchy pants and let our furry friend's be your spirit guide.

Use our space.

Reserve the entire farm for your special day. You will have access to our 62’ x 60’ barn with kitchenette, 2 bathrooms on premises, and parking for up to 15 cars. Stone fire pit on site as well as charming greenhouse and garden. Farm animals on view.

For the pretty pictures

Moser Manor Farms makes an ideal backdrop for photos of all types. We are excited to offer our farm as a location for professional photographers to bring clients for photo sessions.  We have seasonal set ups available for Spring, Fall, and Winter. Utilize the barn space for photos or our charming greenhouse and garden.

"Teach them well and let them lead the way"  - Whitney Houston

Sorry folks. I couldn't help myself for the corny song quote. I live my life in song. 


Bring the family for a farm experience. Our educational workshops are a great place to learn about and experience farm life. We cover sustainability, best practices, and animal care. Whether you're just curious or planning to start a small farm of your own, our class is open to people of all ages and backgrounds.  We will offer a variety of classes throughout the year. Don't forget to check our calendar and social media pages for up-coming events

Purchase our wares.

We offer an array of farm fresh products made local using humane practices. Check them out!

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